3 Jun 2017


Margaret Court's defenders argue based on a principle that would have seen O.P. walk free.

On the day I travelled last, I awoke to the news that a man had successfully entered the cabin of a plane which was, until around that time, carrying him, and others,  to Kuala Lumpur, from Melbourne. He invaded the cockpit by using a watermelon shaped object to make a bomb threat.

He was said to be mentally ill, the watermelon was said to be juicy.

One of my first thoughts was to congratulate Malaysia Airlines on not letting losing a plane, in 2014, (with out trace for a year or so), hurry them into beefing up their security procedures.
Thus, understandably, when I ventured to the check in counter myself,  lines were long at Sydney International Combined Airport and Mulesing Facility.
I vehemently swore at Margaret Court, while I was waiting to be frisked. It is not that I felt her to blame for the hardened arteries of the transport system, I just wanted to curse the craggy old cow.
The morning news was not my first collision with poor health while taking international flights. Not even on this trip. On the flight from Shanghai, a  man, under the influence of heavy sleep medication, had interrupted my viewing of the, surprisingly good, American version  of the sitcom “Getting On” by sticking his head in front of the tv screen and screaming. He was an escapee from business class; I thought that we economy class passengers were meant to be their problem, taking up valuable luggage space, but not on this flight. That said, it was probably karmic that he, and the 5 people restraining him, took my seat: I did speak in tongues on a trip from Singapore. (Where I’d been drinking from, and washing in,  the same drain as a friendly lizard.)
Qantas, while the flight staff are excellent, the over all experience is appalling. Not as bad as crashing and dying, certainly, but bad nonetheless. The fact of your safe arrival is enough for Qantas to ignore any other inconveniences: like your flight getting in to Sydney 8 hours late, after a stop off on tarmac in Hanson/Ashby country, ( I don’t think I caught anything there, I used the dropped down oxygen mask and didn’t go outside.), or the fact that outsourcing their customer service points leaves unhappy, underpaid casuals at their counters whose only entertainment is to engage in bitter arguments with plebeian, under paying passengers.

Yes, privatised Qantas is a fitting flagship  for the commonwealth of mediocrity.

Maybe I should travel by boat? The thought brings me  back to Ms Court. Now I can curse her righteously; because of her I can’t create a failed meme. like the one below

Pic of Air Chechnya in action.

,because it may be construed, by those who misconstrue for a living,  as an endorsement of her hatred and bile. I do not support her,  and I do wish her unhappy travels on her flagship airline: Air Chechnya. 

You can’t attack Oscar Pistorius, he’s  an icon of track and field.

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