18 Apr 2015

Do you really love retail therapy?

Here, put these on, they will hide the lobotomy scar

Songs improved, or possibly not, by substituting the word twerk for work.

“ Supermodel. You better twerk it, girl”
 She’s probably way ahead of me and sung this herself, but at the thought of a 90’s era RuPaul twerking, well, personally I’d conquer a few little man issues to do that bit of mountain climbing.

“ Twerking Class Man?”

“ Finest Twerk Song”
Wasn’t that the one Andrew Christopher put on Facebook a year or 2 ago?

“ She twerks hard for the money,”
This makes little difference from the point originally made by Donna Summer as plenty of women have both worked and twerked hard for their coin.

“Let’s twerk”
 Mick Jagger??? Picture a world where Mick’s 80 year old butt is twerking on the cover of Rolling Stone?”

And finally, marginally less disturbing than Mick Jagger twerking

“Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off To twerk We Go.” 

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