18 May 2015

Attempting to pole vault the shark with my walking stick

Bring back the good old days when I could laugh at this cup & not fill it 'til it runneth over with my tears,
If you remember the episode of Happy Days  where Mrs C gets Fonzie, with great difficulty, to say s..., to say s... , to say sssss..., to say ssss....sorry ( ssssmeg!) You are my target audience. ( At least I think so, as I mislaid my glasses and can't see you so clearly.)

The kindest cut is the deepest. ( Hurry, doctor.)
Recently, I was in an office being served by a tremendously polite, attractive, amiable young woman. Despite my tattoos,  & ( for me anyway) inappropriately named muscle shirt, she saw fit to treat me with respect. You can imagine my dismay. Now, I need to recant all of those posts about what monstrosities Jane Fonda, Kenny Rogers and Joan Rivers have made of them selves and burgle their houses, or coffins ( in each of  their cases I am not sure which is the correct choice) in search of botox.

I am an ol...,  I am an ol...er,  I am an o...o...o...o...ol...er gay man.

Thanks for reading, and no I won't give in, and I won't admit to being older (oops, ssssmeg!)

Gratuitous shot of Jerry Lewis singing Kenny Roger’s “ Lady”. Still better than the original .

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