5 May 2015


I am happy to be gone from the dating scene, and that’s surely reciprocated; thus, in a spirit of mischievous memorial, I post an updated version of an old blog entry about life on the singles scene:

The Ride Stripped Bare.

I felt sentimental, so I put up a photo of an old one night stand.

Grindr is so tawdry, bring back the good old days when we picked up trade off of the street.

I don’t fall in love until the 10th message. 11 if you don’t have a photo.

"No Damien, you don't pay for the jasmine tea"

(In a Chinese restaurant in the 90’s when you didn’t.)

" No Damien, white flowers are not an appropriate gift for a first date."

(Made by a Chinese lover; although, as they are used in ancestor worship they may have been a suitable gift for me.)

"Don't cum, you'll fall asleep and won't be able to keep helping me with my thesis."

Anything more than 100 photos of your date, need to be deleted  before they can rifle through your Iphone.

(How to lose an erection in, …ohm…erm, 3 seconds.)

" Do you really want him watching?"

(About the Buddha on a chain around my neck.)

What turns me on ? I'm a white guy on Fridae!

If I hadn't wasted my parent's investment in my education on alcohol and, ahem, alcohol  I would have been living in Tokyo for 25 years.

I'm looking for a Taiwanese nonagenarian sugar daddy who sleeps heavy and gives me weekends off.

No, I don’t cam. My Mum won’t let me.

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