18 Nov 2015

"The Prestige", or "Terowie, Mon Amour"

Unparalleled scenes see Beijing celebrating its win as 2nd most important satellite suburb of Peterborough, S.A.

 The 2300-year-old city edged out both Dawson and Yongala to win the title. The president, Xi JinPing, seen here getting carried away by his official car and the joy of victory, is quoted as saying:
“ We’re really pleased with the result. This will show those fuckers at NATO that BJ is a power to be reckoned with!”

When asked about Terowie’s 1st position placing; the President reflected stoically:

“ …we knew they would be tough competition, and the international panel of judges were likely to be impressed by the way Terowie-ites shag goats.*”
The more sharp eyed judges may have noted the difference in amenities, (Above) The Prestigious Dawson Golf Course where I won the coveted N.A.G.A. in 1983.(Below) Beijing  Olympic Swimming Complex

(The ways goats are shagged in Terowie include:

at the breakfast table, in the main street, & in the  annual Christmas pageant. If the goat doesn’t have a headache the local girls are out of luck.)

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