5 Nov 2015

Theatre Whispers

Left-Corey in Makeup

The rendition Corey and Barnaby Joyce do of" You are 16 going on 17" needs to be seen to be believed.

(Note in this photo Corey holds the book so you can't see his lips moving as he reads.)

 Right-Corey out of makeup

The rumour mill was right! Unemployed Centrelink  pest ,Tony Abbott, will take the lead role of Maria in a new stage version of “ The Sound Of Music”.

Producers were happy to acquiesce to a few changes Tony insisted on. As he suggested: Maria will now be pro Nazi & have her convent sent to Auschwitz, while she will be against the death penalty for people earning over 60k a year. (Tough luck on that vow of poverty, sisters.)

On the question of why he took the role Tony is quoted as saying:
” When my close friend Malcolm Turnbull beat me in the Liberal party game of musical chairs* I felt I hadn’t yet inflicted enough pain on Australia.”
As such, every song will be repeated 100 times instead of the customary 99.

The visuals are set to be stunning with Tones doing the opening number on a broomstick, Joe Hockey coming out of retirement to play a pair of lederhosen made from old curtains, and Gina Reinhart playing the Hindenburg explosion.

Baz Luhrman will direct.

(*This is the decision making mechanism in Australia’s grand old party, the LNP) 

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