24 Jan 2017


I’m interrupting my stream of constant drivel & political angst on social media to bring you this blog post. It’s comprised of more drivel, and more angst, but this time it’s important: it’s about the effects of the ageing process, on ME!

 And, it just goes on and on like, well, Bill Hayes.

Loving the skin colours I’m in, though. ( With Uncle Uncool and Papa Oldman.)

You know you’re getting nearer the wrong end of the queue for death , when you start to notice that they don’t even make Pin-Up Boys like they used to.

Ok, now I’m just being mean for the fun of it…I’m blaming it on my advanced years, but really, it’s just me, loveable me.

Will Poulter, star of Kids in Love” and “The Revenant”, in that order.

It was thoughtless of Philip Seymour Hoffman to off himself before he could play Will Poulter in the biopic; which is, undoubtedly, not too far off.

Celebrity, schmebrity. Stop calling me a hypocrite and just pass the botox.
(I’ve seen this happen in other people’s lives and now it’s happening in mine, happening in mine.  And I don’t need  ID to get served here.)

And, some things get old really quickly…

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