13 May 2017

#CrazyLikeA FoxViewer

This blog entry stars a mill as Albert Finney(Below)

And, features a 1950’s Irish theocracy as Mr and Mrs Bernardi’s vision of a fine upstanding Australia.(Below)**

Crazy Like A Fox Viewer

I really worry for the future with how kids are today. It’s not like my day when you had  leaders of men, like  Attila the Hun and Mary Whitehouse, who were out all day murdering and sticking heads on pikes . Young people today, you tell them, time and again, go out and murder an entire village, like your Auntie Mary Whitehouse did, but will they? Rather than doing an honest day of work ransacking, or a bit of raping and pillaging, all they wanna do is play on their bloody phones...

I fear for the future, i truly do…now douche it all out, daughter, we don' t want another one with 3 fingers, and  heads, like the last one.

and you tell that to an Andrew Bolt fan and he’ll believe you (Above)

*& ** Images from:
A Man of No Importance (1994) Directed by Suri Krishnamma

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