15 Dec 2015

Me Me Me

…oh, and some more me!

Puns ? Ah, you Nomi so well.

I’ve discovered how to add text in “Preview”; so, armed only with Google’s data storage capabilities, a healthy disrespect for copyright, and my sense of humour, such as it is, I’m going where many men have been before.

( And to my blog)

Er, did you notice you're wearing an aquarium on your head?
Where else to start than by :
Having fun with Nomi

Because it’s the best  Paul Verhoeven could do.

It could be worse, it’s more fun than being ogled by Alan Rachins.

Ooh, you'd like some context ? Well, here then....

Real Pain ! Ah, Kyle you Nomi so well.

We’ve lingeried here long enough,
it's getting silly.
 Rod Stewart was there.
 It had to be bad.
Roddy? No thanks, I'm Kosher.


Me ? There's Nomi in this blog

Oh I found myself.

And to round out, some more random promos for my blogs. Sadly with out the annoying captions.



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