2 Feb 2016


When you're in Tsim Sha Tsui and you see a sign that says:

Watch out!
They’ll try and sell you  prestigious real estate on both celestial bodies. 
The followings is a cautionary example recorded by a twit carrying a smartphone.*


 “Look, the shuttle service begins in 7 years. What you need oxygen for?  You don’t know how to hold your breath?  Look, I lose commission on this, but if you got an extra million … you want you can trade in your place in Mongkok, I get you oxygen. What else you want? I’m cut off own hand here.

(*Actually, it's almost exactly like my experience buying a camera here. I just changed the circumstances to protect my anonymity.)
Water Views? No, Snake Oil.

Neighbourhood Watch 
(Photo Courtesy:China Art Museum,SH.)

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