2 Mar 2016


I tried to wipe my arse with the Australian but it, Jennifer Oriel's face, made me come out in a rash.

Murdoch's disciples lead the charge(s) against equality
in school.

A diversion.

Any similarity between these 3 characters and actual humans is purely accidental.

Enough levity, back to our examination of News Ltd's leading intellectual, J.O.

The following are from J.Oriel's opinion column.

(Lessons in hypocrisy from, internet mogul & moral guardian, 
 Rue-Rupee Murdoch's bulldog.)

Mal (function) Turnbull just isn't doing enough to stop nasty dark people polluting our shores with their drowned bodies.

A vocabulary does not necessarily an intellectual make.

 J.O. is jerking off for a very well paid living.

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