22 Mar 2016

Nancy's Boy


Trump, the other Republican bozo, and Hilary are awful; but let’s not put Vaseline on the lens of history either.

Back when going viral meant something very different and was, unambiguously, unpleasant there was a little first lady called Nancy Reagan: she helped govern the world from a land called unreality, where the main issue addressed on a daily basis was which bad hat to wear.

Vale The VPN ?

As well as being one of a growing number of days when VPNs proved weaker than the government in Beijing; March the 6th   saw a similarly surprising result for Nancy Regan’s efforts to say no to personal mortality. (Proving almost as futile as her war on drugs.)

Who was this woman whose greatest achievement was hair that never moved?

In truth we waved a happy cheery bye to someone who spent a lifetime saying no to compassion, and no to sanity. She blew an Alzheimer’s riddled warmonger, while, blowing big raspberries to those dying on the streets of HIV-AIDS. Nancy, will be saying hello to the millions of homeless, victims of war, and aids sufferers she callously watched die. The only PR exercise she implemented as first lady was mounting Ronnie, along with a B Grade Star’s war on drugs.

A lifetime channelled into mediocrity and hypocrisy finally sputters out; and it seems an appropriate eulogy that 2nd rate search engine Yahoo links her name eternally with that of Hilary Clinton. Those of us who only just survived 1983 should find that search result ominous indeed.

Jane Wyman: the woman Nancy played "other" to before Maggie

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