22 Nov 2016

The Ideologys New Clothes

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Double Happiness; Not Going Stag.

It’s more than a little sad that racists have stolen the phrase: “some of my best friends are”, as this fact is actually a pretty good motivation to act. If I had friends, I would say some of my best friends are Queer.  You may be one of these people, (Who have friends.), and some of them may be Queer, (Capital Q, Queer dear.), and you may think:” I’m in love with him.” While I’m all for the pansexualism so prevalent among young people today; I do wonder about the long-term wisdom of shacking up: as, if he loves dick as much as you do it is possible you may have a little too much in common. Consider how socially awkward for the two of you planning a 3-some, and then finding you’re not invited.

 It will pose more problems than what not to wear.

Whom? Booth of them?

She's Got Betty Kafka Eyes

Despite my advanced years, I believe I was checked out in the street the other week. I couldn't decide if it was that or she thought I was a cockroach that needed to be crushed.

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