22 Aug 2016

Uncool Head

The June No Quarter Report


Can You Hear The Drums Orlando?

Never could think how a man could give up munching on something as righteous as my woman’s moistening pussy to lick a scrotum! Just do not get it. Full stop! Amen. Do not, sir. May as well cut off that old penis if you got no use for it. I just plain do not understand; anymore than I can compray-hend the disrespect we get when we give them towel heads a home with comprehensively better living, better housing, and better laws than they got in their own country; so, my observation that I believe the conflicted wretch, in Orlando, did the best thing he could have done when he took 49 putrefied souls with ‘im to where they can practice their immoral acts; and I do mean acts perpetrated in a soulless vacuum, to his own personal Hell, will not come as a surprise to you; unlike the hail of bullets, that June night, was to those fags. Much as I disdain those thick headed Muslims, with their virgins in Haven and their bombs strapped to their hairy backs, I do reckon this one got something right, at last. 

All that was missing was popcorn and tickets.

Don’t be mistaking me for no god botherer, no uneducated redneck: I just know sick when I see it. The way they cluster round my woman ,when we are at the club. They touch her with no respect. None. She professes she don’t mind, she says they’re funny, and entertaining. She and they giggle away. I don’t argue no more. I just tell her I know I can’t win, and then I make love to her real gentle. I mean real, real gentle. My mouth upon her breasts with my hands making her safe;  then later, I use that same mouth, those clenched hands ‘n’ eyes to put the fear of their very own mortality into those fags. I pass ‘em by.  I invade their body space.

 Messing with my lady?

 Then I polish my gun real good. Treat it like my woman. With a respect they’ll not ever learn. Think about that. I do. They’ll not learn it:  least, not in this lifetime. 


  1. Oh!
    Dark indeed.
    But I am glad to read such.

    1. Thank you so very much. I am proud of this, and appreciate you saying so.

  2. Oh!
    Dark indeed.
    But I am glad to read such.