11 Jan 2017


Comedy One Uh Oh One

During the 1990’s , following the stunning rise of Ben Elton to literary  mediocrity, there was a slew of literary wank and pretension streaming from  nearly every British stand-up who was physically coordinated enough to bang their head against a word processor, or hold a pen with out giving in to the urge to stick it up their nose, make seal sounds, and clap their hands.*

My spirit animal.
Then there were those who couldn’t: for example, Hugh Laurie.
He should have stepped out of character to write his novel.

“The Gun Seller” is not the worst of the “genre”.  That honour, must, unequivocally, be awarded to Sean Hughes’ “It’s What He Would Have Wanted.” 

(The titular “he”, assuredly, being the only one to want this dreary, dirge of a book to ever see the grey, grey, grey, grey light of day.)

Yes, even Hugh’s book was a second banana. 

And then there's my brilliant literary career:

*To be fair, a lot of the books were pretty good. (Especially the work of Sayle and Planer.)


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