27 Dec 2015

Unmoving Violations.

Last things first, Shanghai is wonderful. I’m happy to be here and postpone Christmas for another year. On the 25th, with my lover off to work, I laid down to watch a nice movie. 
( I need to learn to relax, I tell you.)  
Instead I put on "Steve Jobs"; featuring Winslet and Fassbender striding around endlessly.

 Terry Gilliam guest directs an episode of The West Wing with Ian Richardson as Kevin Spacey.
(*See footnote)

With his script for "Steve Jobs" Aaron Sorkin ( The West Wing) will convince you a human being can walk and chew people out at the same time.
People think I’m a harsh critic, but I saw a good film once. This wasn’t it.
Give this story of Apple head, Jobs, a miss. It never reaches boiling point.

Bad water, naughty water! Nth Jiading.

My trip to North Jiading, later in the day, was fun though. I even hopped a 2 foot high fence I wasn’t supposed to, to produce this photos essay at my other blog:


Earlier in the week I saw a moped rider run  a woman and her mother over with out stopping to apologise. She just hit the gas pedal on her pink moped and disappeared  in a flurry of organza and petrol fumes.
There are no signs to adequately prohibit the actions of moped driver here.  You’d need War and Peace on a stick to cover it,

"Don’t cross 3 red lights, an amber, 2 green lights, run over the leash to your neighbour’s dog, 4 sidewalks and 7 wrong lanes to get where you’re going.",

 It just gets too long winded. Hell, it could be one of my jokes.


(*Much walking, sneering and talking but to effective satiric purpose in The Ministry of Information Retrieval. Dir.Terry Gilliam, "Brazil",1985)

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